"Regular treatments with Leah have been instrumental in helping me, with my own yoga practice, to resolve long held connective tissue damage which resulted from an accident. The combination of Leah's knowledge, experience and her intuitive insight with the heated oil & herbal compresses used in this technique, is very impressive & effective. The treatments can be strong but after a rest I feel greatly refreshed & my skin responds very well to the oil."

- Amanda (healing habitué since Jan 2013)


"Leah has a gift for bodywork: she is intuitive, respectful, & incredibly wise in her healing knowledge. It's more than a treatment - I always come away with new information about my body, or how to explore an asana differently, or ways to manage a certain health issue at the time. It's a holistic approach & a much deeper experience than any other massage I've experienced. Dougall [dog] is also very supportive & welcoming. He likes to make his presence felt by drinking very loudly from his bowl, then snoring in the corner during a treatment."

- Jodie (healing habitué since Jul 2012)


"Leah has an amazing ability to pin point & work problem areas in the body through her treatments, I am always left feeling positively changed & extended as a person from the experience. For me, Leah's talent exists in her observation of the way I move, why issues arise & her patient work with me to change old habits to prevent them re-occurring."

- Kris (healing habitué since Feb 2014)


"Leah's treatments are not for the faint hearted, but if you are a committed practitioner or wish to explore your body's potential I would recommend them. Her approach is based on a coherent & consistent underlying philosophy, & is in effect a collaboration between patient & practitioner."

- Mark (healing habitué since Jun 2014)


"Working with Leah for over a year now has allowed me to have more energy, more openness & flexibility, both physically & emotionally. Her work has allowed me to move blockages caused by excessive stress, travel & the pressures of motherhood & life! By integrating Leah's treatments into my life I am able to sustain my yoga practice & get through life's challenges. Although I find it hard to take the time for myself, I always leave feeling relieved I gave myself the gift of a treatment."

- Helen (healing habitué since Feb 2014)


"After suffering a serious foot injury from a road accident. I have found Leah's treatments: Therapeutic, aligning & cleansing."

- Jane (healing habitué since Sep 2014)

Kazuko Kalari Healing by Leah Casey

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