My hands on style of healing works as a series of sessions over a period of time, allowing your body time to process each session's work. Your body will not be shocked or jolted into repairing itself, it will be coaxed into resolving issues around problem areas & stroked into releasing any tension.

Each session begins with warmed medicinal oil being poured over & then rubbed into your skin, heated herbal compresses are then applied to assist in the absorption of the oil through your body's largest organ - your skin. If any "blockages" are felt, areas where I can feel that the flow of energy is reduced, trigger point work may be done - this is similar to acupressure as a release technique.

My initial training was in the Kalari Healing System developed by Sat Guru Hanuman Das of Dharmikam Ashram (Kerala, South India). Over the years my style has evolved into one which allows a bit more time in between sessions, one that works very effectively with the fascial lines of the body (the fascia being the most pervasive tissue in the body).

Traditionally this type of bodywork is done over a series of sessions, in this way it could be considered similar to practises such as Rolfing. The reasons being that you will be in your body for the rest of your life so consider it an investment in the future of not only your health & well being, but as a deeply experiential enquiry into how you are connecting with yourself & thereby to those around you.

It's a bit like an intense yoga practice, where you just get to lay on your mat!

Kazuko Kalari Healing by Leah Casey

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